Featured Employee – Catalina Walsvick – Patient Services Representative

Catalina arrived at Women’s Care of Beverly Hills in May of 1993.

She immigrated from Guatemala to the United States in 1988 with graduate degrees in accounting and business. She left her parents, four sisters, and three brothers behind to try to find a new life in a new country.

After four years of searching for the “right fit”, she arrived at our facility on the 10th of May and has been an important part of our practice ever since.

You can find Catalina at our check out desk, talking to patients and admiring all of the new babies that come to visit…one of her favorite parts of the position!

Catalina married and had two beautiful daughters. Christina, who is 25 years old and Josie 22. She states that her children were her greatest accomplishment, and seeing them both graduate from college was her proudest moment.

During her time away from the office, she enjoys bowling and gardening. You can often see the fruits of her labor in gorgeous floral arrangements at her desk.

Throughout her 25 years of working with staff and physicians, Catalina has developed long relationships with both. She considers many of her co-workers as extended family.

WOMEN’S CARE OF BEVERLY HILLS is honored to have Catalina Walsvick as a part of our professional team.